Monday, May 31, 2010

High Kick Girl - Panchira!

Movie: High Kick Girl
My Rating: 3 stars

Yes, you guessed right.  This is another one of those cheesy, chick martial arts films.  As is typical for this genre, this one is about a high school girl who loves challenge boys to fights and beat them up using her special high kick.  And, naturally she usually does this while wearing a mini-skirt.  Oh, but she's not the only one.  No, this movie is chock full of mini-skirt-wearing martial arts vixens (oh, except for those super tough yanki girls in their super-long skirts).  I love how most of these chicks are always way too old to be believably wearing those high school uniforms they're frolicking about in.  But this film does have the distinction of being one of the goofiest examples of the genre I've seen to date.  The director must have been really impressed with how his choreography turned out, because he's got a habit of immediately repeating the scenes he's most proud of again in slow(er) motion so that viewers can see those sweet moves again.  Or get a better glimpse up the girls' skirts?  Although, this film did end up being a lot less gratuitous than I thought it'd be when it first started.  It's not the lacy underwear fest that, say, Sukeban Boy is.  No, all these girls are wearing very demure, black bike shorts under their skirts, so don't get too excited.  It starts off pretty silly with our bad guys, a bunch of be-mulleted thugs, raising a little hell around town, and with our hero, a smart-aleck little girl fighter, capturing black belts from all the town's best dojos.  It could have turned into something a little pervy, but it actually turned out to be a pretty serious tale about loyalty and the true philosophical meaning of karate.  And all the fight sequences are actually pretty tight.  All the actors are legitimately awesome at karate. This isn't one of those movies that creates its impressive scenes using tricky camera angles and deceptive editing.  Let's just say that I was more impressed by this little film than I thought I'd be.


Lyzenga said...

Interesting coincidence... Netflix has just informed me that based on my taste preference, I should rent High Kick Girl! Funny, I don't remember watching a lot of short-skirt schoolgirl martial arts films before now... ;-)

Allison said...

Makes me wonder what sort of movies you've been watching. :o) Anyway, it's actually not a shameful film. Just a little "martial arts student learns a hard lesson about morality" story. So, I'm not saying you shouldn't watch this movie. Just that I'm wondering why Netflix would suggest it to you. Maybe they're stalking you and know that you follow my blog.