Sunday, April 25, 2010


Movie: Usavich
My Rating: 4 stars

So, when I was in Japan I popped into probably a few more toy stores than was strictly required.  I love ogling all the Totoro merchandise, and seeing all the new characters that have been introduced since I last visited.  While I was there I couldn't help noticing these really tough looking rabbit dolls with crazy eyes.  Once the wave of blinding, covetous, desire subsided, I decided to look into the matter.  I learned that these characters come from a series of shorts that air between shows on MTV Japan.  Kinda like Domokun's origin on the NHK.  I didn't know anything about these characters, but I could tell just by looking at the dolls in the store that they were supposed to be criminally insane.  And, In fact, this show is about a pair of rabbits who happen to be incarcerated in Russian prison.  Where MTV Japan got the idea for this little cartoon, lord knows.  So, I was very interested in checking it out.  Now, Amazon has Season 1 on DVD, but Netflix doesn't stock it yet, so I thought I'd be out of luck.  But fortunately I was able find all 39 episodes on Youtube.  I was worried when it appeared that the episodes didn't have English subtitles, but I needn't have been.  It turns out that there isn't much speaking, and the little dialogue there is is in Russian.  I'm pretty sure that Russian isn't standardly taught in Japanese schools, so it doesn't appear that understanding these statements is necessary.  Plus, it's pretty hard to misinterpret all the tomfoolery that happens during this silly show.  It's crazy, but pretty darn entertaining.  Each episode is only about 90 seconds, so there really isn't any reason you should avoid watching one or two.

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